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Nutritional Counseling

Now’s the time to learn how nutrition works:
  • Learn how to turn your body into fat burning mode
  • Common pitfalls when changing nutrition habits
  • Lifestyle strategies to retrain your body
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Brent is expert nutritionist who is very knowledgeable in the health of the human body. -- Brian S. Long Beach, CA



MLNFLYER - June 9-page-001
sunny vitamin d

You’re on the road to recovery. You’re eating better, feeling better, sleeping better, and your doctor even tells you your cholesterol is going down and with it, your risk of heart disease. You start to think that maybe you have it figured out. And then you go and hear something like this: (Video not displaying? [click to continue]


Would you like to have the leanness and vitality of the Masai warrior? What about the jovial mood of the Inuit, the endless endurance of the Tarahumara, or the robust old age of the Okinawa? Traditional civilizations offer a fascinating study, because time and again they present us with people who surpass modern urbanites like [click to continue]

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