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DIY Nutrition: The Pros and Cons

My goal is to keep you out of the hospital ward forever.

In doing so, I’ll give you the tools and the knowledge to stay healthy, slim, and vibrant far longer than you could hope to otherwise.

I’m not here to sell you something you don’t need. The truth is, we can only serve so many people at my practice, so it’s important to us that we serve the right people.

If you would get massive benefit from one-on-one nutritional counseling and support, then I want to make it as convenient as possible for you to get the attention and expertise you deserve, even if you’re on the other side of the world.

If, however, you’re in a situation where personal coaching is not necessary or financially sensible, I want to be able to point you in the direction that will get you the best results, even if it’s away from us.

I believe in “do it yourself” nutritional therapy. It’s what I did, and there’s something of value in taking the time to learn everything you can about nutrition in your own time. However, if you’ve long since graduated from school, you probably don’t have the abundant time to take the scenic route.

I offer a short cut.

Read on to see if you’re a good fit for us, or if you’d benefit more from doing it yourself.


DIY Nutrition: The Pros

1) Cheaper

At least at first.

If you don’t hire a personal trainer or a coach to master a certain area of your life, it will save you some money in the short term.

For those who can’t afford one on one attention, DIY nutrition is often forced upon them. We provide the chance of professional help to everyone with free one-time consultations that could take loads of time off your learning curve.

However, it could end up costing you more in the long term.

If you end up damaging your metabolism with extreme diets without supervision, you’ll live with the consequences for years, and could spend a ton on medical bills or corrective drugs.

2) No Implicit Commitment

For many people this might not be a benefit, but for the casual observer, having full on accountability with a professional is not necessary.

Maybe you’re very interested in the subject, maybe you want to get a little stronger or a little leaner for a sports activity. Again, a one-time consultation will clear the air for you, but on-going support is probably not necessary.

If you’re easily self-motivated, and don’t need any additional encouragement to stay the course of a strict dietary protocol, then let’s face it, you don’t really need me. I’m very happy to talk through your goals with you and hand you a protocol that is guaranteed to get you where you want to go, but I’m confident that if you did a little digging, through this site and others, you would find the information you need.

3) You’ll Learn a Ton, if You Love it

Those who keep themselves out of dogmatic tribes (vegans, paleos, raw foodists, etc), can learn a ton about the human body and how it interacts with our food, simply with some good ol’ fashioned Googling.

The only dangers are:

  1. You’ll get enamoured with one school of thought and stick to it, possibly to the detriment of your health.
  2. You’ll get bored with the subject and learn only surface-level information, leading to belief in health and fitness “folklore” that doesn’t fit with reality.

I don’t understand number two at all, but that’s because I love nutrition. I have it under good authority, however, that some people’s eyes glaze over when they start reading about how ketones affect mitochondrial function.

If that last sentence made your heart twinge with curiosity a little bit, then maybe you’re a DIYer.

Are You the DIY Type?

So you’re generally healthy, but want to improve the height of your jump, or shed a pound for summer? I can certainly help you, but if you can easily mobilise yourself into action, have a history of staying the course of nutritional protocols, and don’t really need the accountability of a professional coach, I’m confident you’ll do well regardless.


DIY Nutrition: The Cons

1) Time-Intensive

It may be lighter on the wallet, but do it yourself nutrition is heavy on the clock.

I’m not kidding when I say a single consultation with a professional can take months off your learning curve. The same goes for any field, by the way, but especially in the often confusing world of nutrition.

I get my patients results so consistently, and see the same approaches working again and again, that I can tell you what’s right and what’s bunkham without any hesitation.

You could save weeks of trying dead-end advice you read on a blog or in the papers, or just come to me and immediately find out what will work for your body and your goals.

2) Potentially Damaging / Expensive

A lot of people I know who have tried to get to the bottom of an autoimmune condition on their own have wound up disheartened. Sometimes the condition gets worse, or maybe it gets better for a short while and then tanks, winding up much worse.

This sort of drama is what happened to me.

I wish my younger self had used a good nutritionist. I would have gotten to the bottom of my own problem so much quicker. Instead I spent years yoyoing my weight and worsening condition.

As a result, I ended up spending a ton on all kinds of wacky supplements and medical expenses.

3) No Accountability

We’ll get you visible results as quickly as possible before thinking about long term maintenance.

In my years of doing this I’ve found that these “early wins” are incredibly helpful in the success of my clients.

The long-term protocol may be hard, and you may slip up from time to time, but after you’ve felt what it’s like to be functioning on a higher plane, and once you’ve seen how fast the needle on your weighing scale can drop, you’ll have motivation that can’t be bought or packaged into a mantra.

Most DIYers are chronic “dabblers”. That’s fine if your goal is to learn more about nutrition and to explore what different food might do to you, but if you want fast results, if you want to bust out of a rut that you’re currently stuck in, you need some fast wins and accountability.


Are You Perfect for Modern Life Nutrition?

If you have an autoimmune condition, (or have been told you’re on your way to having one), or if you’ve tried diets before and keep quitting them, you might just be perfect for us.

Often a reason for trying a ton of diets is not knowing which one is the right one. Trying something wrong and giving up because it’s not working is not a sign of weakness on your part (although the glossy mags might imply that it is). Really, it’s a sign of poor advice.

Or, perhaps you’ve tried the right one, but you gave up before it had a chance to really work its magic.

Whatever the case, if you’re looking for a big change in your health, if you want to look slender and feel full of energy, and you’re tired of not being sure what will work, we’re tailor made for you.



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