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Nutritional Counseling

Now’s the time to learn how nutrition works:
  • Learn how to turn your body into fat burning mode
  • Common pitfalls when changing nutrition habits
  • Lifestyle strategies to retrain your body
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Brent is expert nutritionist who is very knowledgeable in the health of the human body. -- Brian S. Long Beach, CA

Pop quiz. Which of these do you agree with? Healthy food is boring. Losing weight is painful. My friends want me to fail. A successful diet has to be maintained forever. Diets don’t work on me anyway. If you agreed with any of the above, then your mindset is limiting your ability to reach your [click to continue]


Stressful situations require something extra out of us. We need more alertness, more awareness, more energy. Getting attacked by a wild animal or an armed enemy floods your blood with the kinds of hormones and chemicals that make survival possible. You’re snapped out of your normal peace of mind and into the stressful scene, ready [click to continue]


Last week the Dr Oz show featured one of our favorite paleo-pushing health bloggers, Chris Kresser, who ended up pushing some quite un-paleo advice, recommending that we include some servings of both dairy and legumes into our weekly routines. Both these groups contain produce that could fall into the “gray area”. However, many people are [click to continue]

chronic cardio

Do you know the frustration of putting in the hard grind at the gym three times a week, every week, only to see no improvement? Maybe it helped to relieve a little stress, but it didn’t seem to be shedding the weight you wanted it to. Many of my patients have tried Cross-Fit or P90X [click to continue]

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