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Nutritional Counseling

Now’s the time to learn how nutrition works:
  • Learn how to turn your body into fat burning mode
  • Common pitfalls when changing nutrition habits
  • Lifestyle strategies to retrain your body
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Brent is expert nutritionist who is very knowledgeable in the health of the human body. -- Brian S. Long Beach, CA
Cancer Diet & Nutrition

Cancer seems to be unstoppable. For the first time, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the top killer of Americans under 85.  Rates of this disease are expected to rise by 57% in the next 20 years.  Fatal cases are more common in folks in their middle to later years, and most of us will [click to continue]

Gluten Free Fad

Our bodies don’t like gluten. It can’t process it. We deal with gluten in the same way we handle invading bacteria; with an immune response. If you’re suffering from random bouts of sadness or mood-swings, perhaps an inability to focus or think straight at certain times of the day, it might be due to your [click to continue]

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You’ve listened to the experts and tried your best, but the weight just won’t move. Perhaps you’ve been made to feel bad, that if you’re not losing weight it’s because you lack the strength that others seem to have. What else could it be? All anyone can do is eat less and exercise more, right? [click to continue]

high-carb-Chris (left) and high-fat-Xand (right)

Has the recent media-splurge on nutrition left you confused? Don’t worry. Biases exist everywhere, but it’s easy to see past them when you take a closer look. We’ve lived through decades of fat demonetization, and recently carbs have taken center stage as the macronutrient of Lucipher. As we know, neither one of these macronutrients are [click to continue]

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