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Need Help? I consult with patients locally in Huntington Beach and throughout the U.S. via telephone & Skype


Below are some of the reviews we’ve had from previous clients. Due to confidentiality, we keep surnames private, but you can see more on our Yelp page and our Google+ page.

Lisa C.

I have to begin by saying Brent and Elle are absolutely amazing!!! As a nurse, you would expect that I would be well informed regarding the topic of nutrition; however, after working with Brent as a client for the past 5 months, I have a much greater understanding of the foods I should be eating and those to avoid.

I suffered from severe, debilitating migraines for the past 20 years, which become increasingly worse over the past 3 years causing me to be unable to work. I averaged 23-25 migraines per month. It became easier to count the days I didn’t have a migraine or cluster headache. My doctor prescribed every “preventative” medication possible which provided no relief. I also was prescribed the maximum dose of medication to be taken at the onset of a migraine.  Occasionally the onset medication would provide relief as long as I would take it with Benadryl and go to sleep. During my consult with Brent, one of the first things he said was he would stop the migraines or at least significantly reduce them. As a skeptic, I didn’t believe him but figured I would humor him and give it a try. I am ecstatic to report, since May, I have not taken any of the preventative medications and have taken a total of 2 “onset” pills. It has been amazing!!! Now when I get a migraine or cluster headache, the intensity is more like a typical headache and if I walk around the block, it knocks it out. I am now a firm believer that the fluctuations in blood sugar as a result of the over consumption of carbs and sugar was the cause of the migraines. Thanks to Brent and Elle, I am back to work and feel the best I have felt in years!!!


Anna P.

I could not be more pleased with the results I have seen from working with Brent for the last 3.5 months! I have lost 50 lbs, 31 inches total, no longer take 2 medications I was on for being pre-diabetic, and all of my blood work has completely changed and now on pace as a perfectly healthy person! Brent not only tells you what to do, but gives the explantion why and ensures that you understand the reasons for it. I have a severe case of PCOS (mainly sugar resistance and hormone imbalance) and he knew exactly what to have me do to fix it. I can not say enough positive things about him, but he truely has changed my life for the better and it was the best decision I could have made in addressing my issues. Not only do I look better physically and on my blood work, but I feel sooooooooo much better and have an abundance of energy!

Brent is also a great support system. He will keep in contact with via phone, text, or email to check up on you, answer questions, or just give helpful tips and tricks. If you contact him for any reason he is extremely good at getting back to you within a quick timeframe. I have referred multiple people to Brent and he has my utmost trust.


Seb G.

Brent is extremely good at what he does.  He is knowledgeable about how the body works with insulin, cortisol, and other hormonal responses of the body’s endocrine system.  This is actually the reason I like him so much… not just because of the results but the understanding.  However if you are looking for weight loss in a hurry this is your guy.

I have met many people whom can facilitate weight loss through calorie counting and fade diets but no one who can answer just about every question you might have about how the body burns or stores energy.

True professional and great nutritionist.


Al F.

Amazing staff!!! If your serious about taking care of your body. Strongly recommend visiting modern life nutrition.. Thanks Brent, Elle for all your help…


Stacy W.

I’ve been with Brent for over three years now and I’m still maintaining my same body weight.  I work long shift work and was finding it tough to eat healthy with my long hours, plus the stresses of my job.  I always thought I was a healthy eater, but had a real ” Reality Check” when I started the Ideal Protein program with Brent.  This program is perfect for my life and I have turned on many co-workers and friends who have hectic lives onto Brent!. He is so knowledgeable and passionate with his nutrition expertise, you will be very motivated the first time you meet him!  Brent has  also helped me pre and post op on my orthopedically repaired body with amazing nutritional supplements instead of the heavy narcotics that ruin your system.  The high protein diet (Ideal Protein) has literally changed my life! I can still enjoy one or two nights of indulging, and the rest of the week I stick to my IP system.  There is no guessing on food types, etc. This is a lifestyle change and you will not believe how fast your body responds when you detox your pancreas and run more efficiently under Brent’s supervision and this program!  I’ve found the secret to having a lean, healthy body and I highly recommend you start with Brent today! The results are astounding.


Brian S.

If you’re tired of trying diets that don’t work, whether it is advice from your friends/coworkers or fad diets, then Modern Life Nutrition is where you need to be. Brent is expert nutritionist who is very knowledgeable in the health of the human body. His diet plan will not only help you to get to a healthy weight but will in some cases get you away from medications or even reverse certain ailments. I have been with Brent for about 4 months and have lost a little over 50lbs. His guidance and supportive attitude plus meal plan have taken a lot of the struggle out of dieting. You will see results by the amount of effort you put in; I have given Brent 100% of my efforts and have gone from 290 to 239 in just under 4 months. I sleep better, have gotten off 1 medication, am more alert, and feel more solid then I have in a long time. I can’t speak from a female perspective but for males this really is the best diet I’ve ever been on. My muscle has been spared and the fat has melted off. Give it an honest try and you too will see the results I have. Go to his website, call the number, and make an appointment today.


Dian G.

I have been seeing Brent for almost a year now and I absolutely love what he has done for me.  Being in my mid 40’s and going through an early Menopause, my weight and body changed more than I wanted it to.  Because of Brent, his knowledge, great staff and the Ideal Protein diet, not only have I lost and maintained the weight I want, I do not have to take hormones for the Menopause.  It’s amazing how understanding food and nutrition changed my life for the best.  I look and feel 100% better.

This isn’t a “diet” it’s a life style and Brent is right there with you along the way.  I encourage anyone who wants to get healthy and lose some weight, the healthy way, go by and see Brent…..He’s AMAZING!


Karla C.

Brent and Elle are great!! They are so helpful thru out the whole process! Always available to answer questions either thru txt, phone calls, or emails. Could not be any happier in this journey to change my life. I have been doing it for over 6 months and have lost 75lbs in the process and still going for more.


Terry C.

This is the best nutrition plan I have ever been on.  Brent my Nutritional Coach is very knowledgeable and encourages you every “inch” of the way.  I have lost 20 lbs and most of that was body fat.  My friends noticed the change and were encouraged to try it out and all have been very successful as well.  I can’t thank Brent enough for my weight loss and mainly how I feel about myself.  If anyone is serious about wanting to lose weight you really need to give this a try!


Hesham T.

I have been struggling with weight issues for almost 20 years, I have been on all kind of programs, low carb, low fat, whole foods, jenny craigs, beverly hills, atkins, the zone, suzanne somers, tony robbins ( yes he has a diet program ), and probably a few others that I don’t remember anymore. and this is not to say they don’t work, I lost weight with every one of those programs, when I am on a program I am fully committed to it, the problem was that I had so many side issues after being on any diet for too long, at the 2-3 month point, I was feeling low energy, feeling depressed, having constant digestion issues, focus, brain fog, I lost many career opportunities because of that.

I started working with Brent and he did a full assessment for my digestion issues, brain focus issues, and I got some blood tests that he recommended, he provided me with a nutrition plan and within 2 days, I was starting to see a HUGE improvement in focus, energy levels, concentration, and weight loss.

Within the first month on his program I lost 20 lb, and continuing to lose fat at an amazing rate.

I have been to other nutritionists and diet clinics before, and presented them with the same symptoms and problems, but Brent was the only one to actually understand what was going on and provide an answer that works long term, he took time to explain, in detail, what exactly is happening in my case, why was I having issues losing weight on other plans, I had been having problems with digestion, sensitivity to certain food types, and after addressing these issues, weight started to come off with no struggle.

I am still working with Brent to lose another 80 lb, and I would recommend him to anyone who tried to lose weight before and was not successful.


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